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Diane Smith



I am a North American Mission Board appointed missionary, Mission Service Corps (MSC) serving in Anniston, AL.  I am self-supporting, yet thankful to those that give to the Cooperative Program and Annie Armstrong Mission Offering that helps with my administrative costs.  I’m blessed that because of this 100% of any support partnerships come to me.


Loving Like Jesus


God called me to Anniston to love on women that live in government housing in West Anniston.  Loving like Jesus first loved me.  I grew up in New Hampshire, moving to Denver, North Carolina at the age of 48.  Having been a single mother who was often lost, lonely and sad, I began hearing about a man that would never leave me…His name is Jesus.  I surrendered to Him at the age of 50.  I began growing in my faith and following His will for my life.  Upon selling everything I own at the age of 60, He sent me to bring His hope, joy and grace to those that that are lost looking for the answers they can find in Him.

I meet these ladies where they are, the park, laundry mats, prayer walking, and warming shelters.  I cannot imagine doing anything else with my life.  Glorifying God and making disciples!


Please feel free to contact me at 704-904-8774 or if you would like me to come speak and share my story. 

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